Vettel is the Right Man for Ferrari

Vettel is the Right Man for Ferrari

Bernie Ecclestone has named Sebastian Vettel as the ‘right man for Ferrari’ in Singapore. However, the rumors about Vettel of Red Bull and Fernando Alonso of Ferrari switching sides in 2015 have been vociferously denied by both the parties. Ecclestone who is also touted as the ‘F1 Supremo’ did rekindle the speculation about Vettel while in Singapore last week.

Ecclestone told the Italian La Gazzetta dello Sport that even though Red and Sebastian Vettel have a long standing agreement and contract, he is still the perfect man for Ferrari as he has all the necessary features required to be a part of that team. According to him, Maranello team needs an efficient and high profile driver to pull him out of their crisis. He also went on to say that changes are always healthy and they will welcome that in Ferrari as well. He added that if there is someone who can perfectly replace Fernando Alonso, they would be happy to make the change.

Bernie Ecclestone, the 83 year old business magnate from Britain has a close bond with Germany’s Sebastian Vettel. He is also the president of Formula 1 management as well as Formula one Administration. He is also considered the primary authority of Formula 1 and described as the F1 Supremo. His has also been in two of the Formula 1 races in 1958 but he failed to qualify either of them.

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