Formerly known as Thompson international Raceway, it is counted among one of the best racetracks in the country. It is located in Thompson, Connecticut, USA and has a length of 5/8 mile which is approximately 1.0 km and paved in a oval shape and has a 1.7 mile which is approximately 2.7 k road racing course. It also has a nickname as the ‘Indianapolis of the east’. In America, it was the first of its kind because it was the first asphalt-paved oval racing track and now under the banner of NASCAR Whelen All-American Series. Every year, it organizes one of the great fall variety events and gets more than three hundred and fifty race cars in sixteen separate divisions over three days.

This racing track has got a history. John Hoeing is the man who built this racing track after cleanup process after the hurricane which hit the countryside in 1938. He built the combined 5/8 mile paved oval and 1.6 mile road racing course on his farmland and now that racing track after many improvisations is known as Thomson Speedway. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, this track boasted of great personalities in this field like Fred DeSarro, Ed Flemke, Smoky Boutwell, Geoff Bodine, Leo Cleary, Fred Schulz and Carl Stevens.

This track has seen many memorable and special events which lured the legendary southern drivers like Ray Hendrick to battle the locals. But the track has also witnessed some heart wrenching tragedies like the death of Davis Peterson, Cork Cookman, Dick Dixon and the most recent fatal accident was that of Shane Hammon on April 6, 2008.  




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