The Apollo Intensa Emozione tested

The Apollo Intensa Emozione tested

The Apollo Intensa Emozione is definitely one of the most vibrant looking cars and clearly the designer is a fan of Batman. A heavily armored war tank looks less imposing. The company Chairman has said that he wanted to build a hypercar free of hybrid batteries and electric motors with no turbochargers. It is a nineties GT1 race car inspired behemoth of a vehicle. A full-on carbon fiber fantasy.

At its reveal, the boss, Norman Choi, announced his plan to build only 10 of them just for track use at a cost of 2 million dollars each and use the same plan for the Ferrari FXXK. What they learn from this release will be poured into building a street legal and less extreme vehicle for the general public. Though truth be told, the kind of people who buy a stunning 2 million dollar super car aren’t interested in being told what they can and can’t buy, so Apollo is definitely doing the best they can to make this vehicle street legal. It would be a 760bhp, naturally aspirated v12 powered monster on the streets. This car has a reported 1,350kg of downforce at 186mph. This means, theoretically, the Apollo Intensa Emozione can drive on the ceiling. Yes, you read that right.

Apollo states that the aim “is not to attain incredible track performance and robust aerodynamic efficiency, but also to adhere to various road regulations in our target markets in the event we decide to entertain the notion of the cars for road use”. That statement is a long way from “at a dealer near you”.


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