NASCAR: Stolen Car Has Been Found

NASCAR: Stolen Car Has Been Found

There has been previously reported that a NASCAR Sprint Cup car has been stolen from its driver, days before he was scheduled to participate in a race. The event has raised many questions concerning the safety cars are held and guarded with and many official responsible people have declared that it was just an error of the system, not something that usually happens. Therefore, no one actually took the fault for the issue.

Thankfully, police in Georgia has found the NASCAR Sprint Cup car that had been stolen from a poorly supervised hotel parking lot. The car – which was stolen early Friday morning – was parked in Loganville, Georgia, according to Team Xtreme Racing. Not really bothered by the incident at first, the diver of the No.44 car, Travis Kvapil, was claiming that he is almost certain that he had his car stolen by a friend, simply as a joke. Before police found the car, the driver had told ABC News that when he was called about the incident, he literally had no worries, sure that it will eventually turn up, together with the joker friend. "When I got texts and voicemails this morning [Friday] from the guys, I kind of thought they were messing around," Kvapil declared.

After checking the surveillance video, the police have reported that a black pickup truck was carrying a 15-foot trailer, which apparently had the stolen car inside. John Cohen, Team Xtreme racing owner, sustains that he believes the thieves were targeting the trailer, not knowing about the car inside.


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