NASCAR Race Cars

NASCAR Race Cars

Regardless of that, how much NASCAR is popular, there are still many people who don’t know the meaning of abbreviation NASCAR. It means National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. The first drivers would buy a brand new car and go racing. Today, NASCAR cars are specially designed for the races. They have no similarity with stock cars.

The basis of every car is the frame. It is made from steel tubes. They are much stronger around the driver, because they should protect him in a case of an accident. Front and rear sections are made from thinner steel. They should crush without too much resistance, so the impact could be absorbed. The front part should push the engine away, in a case of an accident, rather than going towards the driver cockpit.

Body for just one car is made 10 days! It is made using hand-rolling system, when a metal sheet is shaped using an English wheel. The Aston Martin DB5 was made on the same way! Every part of the body must be made like this. After that, they are welded to the frame and car is painted. There are two types of cars, short-race cars and super-speedway cars.

The engine is the vital part of the car. It is 5.8L, producing 750BHP, without turbochargers or superchargers! They are similar engines as in the 60’s, but with several upgrades. Ignition systems are programmable, so spark timing can be adjusted, so the engine can provide maximum power at any time. These engines still use carburetors, because they must let in huge amount of fuel and air. This is the reason why fuel injectors cannot be used. All components are designed to work on high temperatures and sustain high speeds.


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