Kenny Jacobs returning to Sprint Car racing

Kenny Jacobs returning to Sprint Car racing

Kenny Jacobs drove a variety of cars in his Sprint Car career, including the one fielded by renowned owner Bob Weikert. Jacobs is returning to the sport on a part-time basis with car-owner Rob Hunter.

Kenny Jacobs has written many chapters to his career behind the wheel of a mud-slinging 410 Sprint Car. He's won races across the country. Jacobs has beaten the World of Outlaws, owned the All Star Circuit of Champions and was able to go to central Pennsylvania and defeat the locals on their home turf.

The book on Jacobs closed after the 2004 season. Except for a couple races in 2011 with Pennsylvania owners Jim and Sandy Kline, the Holmesville, Ohio, driver was content to be in retirement.

Jacobs, a favorite among Sprint Car fans, is back on a part-time basis. He will run 20 or so races during the 2015 season for Rob Hunter as a pseudo team car to Chad Kemenah. "I see buddies like Steve [Kinser] and Sammy [Swindell], and they can't stay out of one, so if they are still in it, I might as well do it," Jacobs said with a chuckle. "I'm no where near the level of those guys, but we could race forever and we just can't get enough of it."

Continued Jacobs, "I never want to come back and do it like Steve where I race three times a week. That's not my desire. I'm going to do it, win some races and have fun. If I decide it's not fun, I will quit."

Jacobs, 59, has never lost the itch to be in a Sprint Car. The sport was a major part of his upbringing and his family. It's in his blood. But Jacobs thought he turned the page on his career in 2004. At least from the standpoint of being a regular in the car.


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