John Force Taken To Hospital after Crash in Phoenix

John Force Taken To Hospital after Crash in Phoenix

On Sunday John Force had a crash at the NHRA Arizona Nationals. It happened a fortnight after his daughter Brittany had a severe accident. John's car blew up and passed the center line immediately after the finish line. He was racing near Johnnie Lindberg in the elimination bout, and their cars’ parachutes were entangled for some minutes before hitting one wall and another and stopping in a cloud of smoke.


Safety staff rushed to the scene to rescue him and transport him to the hospital for examination. The 68-year-old legend was taken to Chandler Regional Hospital. He was speaking with the rescuers and, although colleague Lindberg was shocked, he managed to exit his car on his own. Lindberg said he felt relieved that the doctors examined him and affirmed that he was okay. On Sunday evening, John was released from the hospital.


In his absence, his daughter Courtney won the funny car trophy, and he later came to congratulate her. John said it was a great day for him since his daughter and he had won despite the crash. In 2007, John won his second-round heat in the NHRA Fall Nationals but, as his car passed the finish line, it blew a tire, traversed into the opposing lane and crashed with the Dodge navigated by Kenny Bernstein.


Both accidents were alike, and John emphasized the protection reinforced into the cars as the primary reason he was not severely hurt this time. In 2007, he was flown out of the Texas Motorplex and underwent six hours of reconstructive surgery and several months of rehabilitation before coming back to racing. He has now won two of his career 16 NHRA trophies after that accident.

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