Formula E Car Racing Event, 2015

Formula E Car Racing Event, 2015

The famous Formula E’s first season of the electric car racing came to an end in Battersea Park, London. This revolutionary electric car racing series took place on an international level and was attended by a massive crowd of 60,000. 

After months of races, persuasion and promotion, Nelson Piquet Junior won the driver championship for the first time. He belonged to Team China. FIA, the governing body of Motorsport organised this car racing series in order to get younger crowd to be interested in it.

The best part of this series was to bring forward electric cars which boost the economy, are eco-friendly and don’t add to the carbon footprints in the environment. As a matter of fact, the 10 rounds racing series witnessed the single seater electric car at its best in the racing. 

With this event, the opportunities for excellently made cars those are good for environment is going to expand undoubtedly. 

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