Castroneves Wants to race for a Few More Years

Castroneves Wants to race for a Few More Years

It looks like there’s no stopping legendary Indy 500 driver, Helio Castroneves. During a session with industry players, Castroneves was asked to confirm whether he will continue racing, to which he answered a resounding “Yes.”

Helio Castroneves is no stranger to adrenalin and asphalt. He has picked up three wins in the Indy 500 circuit, including a back-to-back win in 2001 and 2002. And he vows not to stop at 3. The 42-year old veteran is looking to join legends by competing for a fourth Indianapolis-500 win. If he clinched a fourth, he would join the likes of A.J. Foyt, Al Unser, and Rick Mears. In 2017, he almost clinched his 4th win, only to have Takuma Sato to edge him out by a painful .02 seconds.

This year, however, he made a shocking move to sports cars to team up with younger teammate, Taylor Ballantyne. Castroneves will have to learn the ropes of sports cars under Ballantyne who has also had an impressive career. He teams up yet again with long-term boss and mogul Roger Penske for the May event.

Questioned why he decided to make the shift to sports racing, Helio said, “It’s an opportunity that Roger gave me to be here in sportscars. I couldn’t pass it up,” he said. “To do one or two more years in IndyCar, we talked about it. But I could see a longer future here, and that’s why I decided to take it.”

With names such as Fernando Alonso behind the power wheel, sports racing fans can expect exhilarating displays. On his juggling with the Indy series, the years that Castroneves seeks to put in might even yield him a historic five wins. 

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