Car racing: A Deadly Sport Indeed But Not Without the Fun

Car racing: A Deadly Sport Indeed But Not Without the Fun

Loving the extreme sports has yet to be defined. Well, the risky sport has been observed and loved by many for years, throwing precautions to the wind; so to speak.

Being the one behind the wheel of a race car that seemed to be flying out in the race tracks is no joking matter. Becoming a race car driver takes a lot of courage and skill to stay in the tracks and speed ahead of other competitors, not to mention try not swerving like a spinning wheel into your death.

Siting as an example of such talented driver is that of Jack Hawksworth, handpicked by A.J. Foyt himself to join Takuma Sato; his sole race car driver this coming 2015 race.

The sponsorship of ABC Supply Co. has made it possible for the hiring of Hawksworth. This will be the first time for Foyt to have a multi-car team for the duration of the season since that of 2002. He aims for the drivers to have all the fun that they can get from driving.

Foyt was a 4 time winner in the Indianapolis 500 race himself. He knew that the task is difficult for someone to want to win the race. But extremely challenging, too challenging in fact that the driver forgets to have fun along the way as the pressure mounts as the race goes underway. The competition should not take away the fun and excitement that any sport is supposed to come with.


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