Matt Kenseth wins the Bristol Challenge

Matt Kenseth wins the Bristol Challenge

In Sunday’s Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speed was a single winner, and his name is Matt Kenseth. Even though the race was delayed and interrupted by rain, the famous racer managed to prove his skills once again.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race was the longest in the history, going 11 laps past its scheduled distance. Kenseth was the one to cross the finish line just 0.287 seconds ahead of Jimmie Johnson, recently recovered from a series of issues. Matt got in the top spot in the 477th lap, when Kurt Busch had to retreat under the ninth caution. Of course, it’s not the first time when the driver tastes the victory, it’s the 4th at Bristol, and the 32nd in his career. After a 51-race winless streak, his bad-luck chain is finally broken. With a proud smile on his face, Kenseth declared that “It feels good to be back here,” since the spotlight was upon him all evening long. The whole team admitted the struggle and effort they’ve been through but now the biggest reward got in their hands "We just couldn't get it to happen. Tonight was kind of the opposite. Everything worked out. We had a good car on the short run, not so good on the last 40 or 50 laps of the run, and we had all them cautions and short runs at the end that really benefited us."

While Kenseth’s winless streak ended, his rivals weren’t too satisfied about their results. Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick and Martin Truex Jr had posted top 10s in the last seven Cup races this season, but they didn’t manage to get any close to the first place at Bristol.


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