Women in Auto Car Racing

Women in Auto Car Racing

Here are a few facts about women who have been in auto car racing since a long time.  

•    The very first all women auto car race was organized in 1909 in New York City. The race ended in Philadelphia. A total of 12 women racers took place in this ace.
•    The first women racer to race in the European Grand Prix was Maria-Teresa de Filippis. It was year the 1958. 
•    The youngest girl to win Soap Box Derby was Karren Stead. She was only 11 years old and it was in the year 1975. 
•    Janet Guthrie was the first women in the history who competed in the Indianapolis 500 Auto Race in 1977.
•    Danica Patrick, Sarah Fisher and Milka Duno were the first women who qualified in Indy 500 in the year 2007. 
•    Danica Patrick also became the first women race to win Indy Car race in the year 2008. 
•    Danica Patrick was also the first women who shifted to NASCAR racing, where she ended in the 8th position in 2012. 


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