The Popularity Of Formula 1 Car Racing

The Popularity Of Formula 1 Car Racing

In the recent years, more or less everyone is well aware of the popularity of Formula 1 car racing. F1 car racing is a different kind of sport with various rules and regulations. The highest class of car racing is F1. The FIA is the governing body of this type of car racing sport. The term formula refers to the qualifications that drivers require. It also relates to the automobile that becomes qualified for the race. The circuit of the race is made of Street Car racing, and is known as the Grand Prix.
There are two championships at the end of the circuit-one is for the drivers and the other for the automobile constructors. This type of race is specifically conducted on a built racing track. In fact, the road races are the most popular options of the Formula 1 races. The racing involves vehicles that are designed for optimal performance. The speed in these cars can even reach more than 360 mph.
The constructors of these cars are members of car racing team, and they should adhere to certain rules and regulations while putting the cars together. They need to give special attention to the tires, brakes, aerodynamics, and suspension to improve the overall performance of the cars on the track. These vehicles for F1 racing consist of a single seat. Many car-racing enthusiasts are choosing this racing as their career. The designated engine suppliers include Honda, Toyota, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes and others.  




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The Popularity Of Formula 1 Car Racing
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