Johnson Wins One More Time At Dover

Johnson Wins One More Time At Dover

For the tenth time, Jimmy Johnson won on the Dover track. There are only a handful of Nascar drivers who were able to meet this milestone. Luckily, Johnson was one of them. 

Johnson started the race in the back. However, he was up-front in no time. He immediately took control of the race, and he did not let up until the end of the race. Johnson said his strategy was to just stay calm and race his heart out. He didn’t think about the press, or the ten wins, or being called number one; all he though about was racing his heart out. 

When the race was over, Johnson did not even know it because he was in his own zone. Johnson’s manager called him and told him he was the winner. Johnson immediately got out of the car and began jumping around for joy. Johnson thanked his entire crew time. He said without them he could not have come this far. He also thanked his family, too. 

In the midst of all of this, someone told Johnson he only has ten wins. This kept Johnson thinking for a while. He lowered his pride a great deal. Johnson told the press he is looking forward to winning more races at this particular track, and he wants to be called the best on this particular track. 

Johnson’s fans would love to see him win at Dover again. His fans are behind him one hundred percent, and they are all waiting for more action in the near future. 


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Johnson Wins One More Time At Dover
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