Yamaha’s TY-E electric bike

Yamaha’s TY-E electric bike

Yamaha released information about its new TY-electric trial bikes on March. The main feature of these bikes is that they run powered by a high rotation-type compact electric motor.  The battery that generates this power is a high-output pack mounted in its monocoque frame, which is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. 

As this bike was being presented, executives from Yamaha stated that people from R&H had to overcome many obstacles to bring this bike together.  Most of these challenges came from the fact that they needed a functional engine for a small bike, one that could manage the high output despite been small and lightweight.  

Developers at Yamaha Corporation were actually looking to harness the bike's high torque to create an easy, responsive, and controllable bike. The TY-E is also equipped with a very small mechanical clutch. 

The bike is still not available for commercial sales as some aspects need to be improved. The bike will be on display in the Yamaha Corporation booth at this year's Tokyo Motorcycle Show. 

The TY will take part in a race for the first time in summer at the 2018 FIM, the only FIM-sanctioned event where electric trial machines alone compete.

Some Specs

Now, let's take a look at some of the specs of this gorgeous bike:

  • The bike weighs a rough 69 kg.  This is due to the exceedingly light-weight lithium ion batteries. 
  • This motor is managed by a mechanical clutch and the entire unit is made of a carbon fiber polymer monocoque frame. 
  • It is equipped with a high rotation-type compact electric motor. 
  • Conventional forks at the front and a monoshock unit at the rear. 
  • Tiny calipers grabbing onto very small ventilate discs are responsible for the stopping power.  

Despite all the media surrounding this bike, we still do not know if Yamaha will put it on the streets. That remains to be seen. 

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