What is the FREERIDE E-XC?

What is the FREERIDE E-XC?

The FREERIDE E-XC is the second-generation electric off-road motorcycle from KTM. The Austrian company first released its electric motorcycle in 2014, and it sold more than 3,000 units.


The FREERIDE E-XC is the electric version of KTM’s FREERIDE 250R model. It comes with a Sony battery with a power rating of 3.9 kWh, which is enough for up to 2 hours of off-road fun. However, the range of the electric bike depends on various factors that include the mode selected, size of the ride, terrain, and the aggressiveness of the ride, just to name a few. The power of the FREERIDE E-XC is equivalent to 42 Nm of torque and 25 hp of a gas motorcycle.



KTM introduces the regen mode, which gives the FREERIDE E-XC the ability to regenerate electricity and store it in the battery. Only the Mellow mode has the regen feature. The other riding modes include Standard and Sport.


The chassis of the FREERIDE E-XC is a combination of aluminum and steel, as well as a composite sub-frame. The engineers used aluminum to stiffen the part where the battery sits. It features a WP Xplor shock and fork that KTM used for their XC-W and EXC-F models.  


It comes with 18-inch and 21-inch wheels that make it big enough for adults. Its wheelbase is 55.8 inches and its total weight is 238 pounds. Its handlebar is narrower compared to the 250R. While it doesn’t have an exhaust system, it has a cooling system to keep the electric motors from getting too hot. The electric bike doesn’t have any gears and shifter.


The FREERIDE E-XC is fun to ride and has a simple learning curve. It is designed for the trail, play, and trials riding, which makes it an all-around bike for both beginners and advanced riders alike.  

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