The motorcycles and tracks of motorcycle drag racing

The motorcycles and tracks of motorcycle drag racing

If you’re looking for excitement, either on the experiencing or viewing side of things, motorcycle drag racing might just be the thing for you. The sport is loud; the sport is exciting for both viewers and riders.

Motorcycle drag racing involves two riders and a starting point at a dragstrip. From then, it’s just the riders, their motorcycles, and the finish line. Not only is this race exciting, but it has many different forms. For instance, top fuel is a type of race where indescribably fast bikes battle it out as riders look to take victory. This alone is a very exciting type of contest, but it’s made even more so by use of nitro methane fuel in order to facilitate remarkably high speeds in short bursts.

Motorcycle races are often run for a quarter of a mile, and although that may seem fairly far for these bursts, the speed in which the bikes can move show that these types of distances are very necessary. The track is wide enough for two lanes and doesn’t allow for any side-by-side shenanigans which could cause disastrous injuries.

There is no restriction as to the make of motorcycle allowed and the riders use all types of different bikes. The goal is, of course, speed and a sleek design to facilitate this speed in the face of wind. The brands differ just as much as the riders, and it all comes together to form an incredibly entertaining competition, and one being embraced by more and more fans.

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