Safety Tips While Scaling the Mountain on Harley

Safety Tips While Scaling the Mountain on Harley

Measuring the distance round the mountain on the curvy roads on your iron beast Harley Davidson sounds like a lot of fun. Indeed it is a lot of fun. However, there are many party spoilers on the way. If you are careful about your safety, you can easily keep these fun killers at bay. Here are some safety measures you can take while scaling the American mountains on your Harley.


Don’t forget to wear a helmet. While not wearing a helmet may seem like ‘not a big deal’ but when it will come to it, you will really regret having forsaking it. There are many a slips between foothill and the tip and helmet is the safety gear which could be all the difference between ‘lethal and minor’ injury.


When you are outfitting for a Harley Davidson ride, another gear you will not want to miss is the gloves. Just like helmet, at the first thought a pair of gloves may seem unnecessary. However, think about roughing the chill in the air while cruising at 70 mph. Your hands will fall only a little short of ‘frosty’. And of course, in case you have a fall, you will put your hands out impulsively in defence. Gloves will help you avoid (or at least minimize) injuries to your hands.


Wearing boots is also essential for a biking trip. Especially when you are riding a mean machine like Harley which can weigh more than 300 lbs, you need a pair of feet that can support it well. Sturdy boots will help you keep safe.  



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