Monster Energy AMA Supercross Race

Monster Energy AMA Supercross Race

The Monster Energy AMA Supercross race is a part of FIM World Championship.

If you are unfamiliar with the world of motorcycle racing, you are probably scratching your head wondering what all these abbreviations stand for.

FIM stands for Federation of International Motorcycling. It is the global governing organization of motorcycle racing, headquartered in Mies, Switzerland.

FIM consists of 111 national motorcycle federations. FIM’s premier championship is called FIM Motorcross World Championship. Motorcross is a form of off-road motorcycle racing held at enclosed off-road tracks.

AMA is an abbreviation for American Motorcyclist Association. Its supercross race is one of 65 FIM’s World Championships.  Supercross is a version of motorcross where races are being held indoors. 

The AMA Supercross race series begin in early January and continues for 4.5 months, until the middle of May. Races mostly take place in baseball and football stadiums. Each race requires around 500 truckloads of dirt and includes different soil conditions ranging from hard-packed to sandy. 

Monster Energy AMA Supercross races are geared towards TV spectators as its target market.

There are three classes of motorbikes participating in Monster Energy AMA Supercross races: 450cc Class, 250cc West Class and 250cc East Class. The AMA Supercross series consist of 17 rounds for the 450cc and 8 rounds for each of the two 250cc classes.

Every round in the series includes 3 races: 2 heat races and a consolation race. In the 450cc class each race is 8 laps, in the 250cc races there are 6 laps.

The popularity of motocross and supercross has been growing steadily all over the world starting from 1970’s. Today in the United States, only Nascar Races are more popular than Monster Energy AMA Supercross races, making AMA Supercross the second most popular form of motorsport in the country.


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