Memorial To Start Things

Memorial To Start Things

The 2015 motorcycle-racing season is going to begin soon. This season, however, is going to be a memorial. This will be called the ‘Connor Penhall Memorial Cup.’ This cup will be named after Connor. Connor was a rising star in racing. Sadly, he was killed one night in the year 2012. Connor was doing what he loved most and that was looking over motorcycles. Suddenly, a drunk driver came out of nowhere and slammed into him. Connor was instantly killed. 

Connor Penhall was only twenty-one years of age when he died. He has so many dreams he wanted to fulfill in his future. These dreams must now be passed on to the next generation. 

This race will take place in the Industry Hills Expo Center. Thousands and thousands of people are expected to attend. Before the race, there is going to be an amazing memorial in honor of Connor Penhall. 

Motorcycle racers who will be participating in this memorial race are very happy with this decision. Many of these racers knew Connor personally, and they would not want to open up the season any other way. There are also rumors that certain celebrities might even attend this event. 

Throughout Memorial Day weekend, there is going to be a lot more information coming forth about this event. Fans cannot wait to see the memorial as much as they want to see the race. Many people have set May 27th aside just so they can watch the memorial and the race in peace. This is how Connor would have wanted it. 


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