This is not a new topic in fact it has been discussed so many times on so many occasions, and state lawmakers brought it to life again on Thursday.

If the senate bill 142 becomes law, wearing of helmets by motorcyclists who possess a motorcycle license for more than one year and are of 21 years of age would be optional.

For those who are for the bill state that the bill is about freedom while those who are against it say that passing the law is very too risky and dangerous.

President of the Motorcycle Awareness and Rider Safety Organization, Pee –Larr Handley said that a helmet saved him in a recent accident and if it wasn’t there then he would probably had been seriously injured adding that the new bill is dangerous. “My take on the [bill] is, I think it's dangerous,” he said.

“You can take a fall at walking speed, hit your head and kill yourself. You add speed to the equation, you're increasing your chances of a fatality,” Handley said.

Many riders say that the chances of one getting a spinal injury when they crash while wearing a helmet are higher than in an incident when one is not wearing one.

For those who are against the law claim that the gear is confining. Handley added that a modest helmet was what saved in his crash in Utah.

“You stop at a stop light and push this button and flip it up, you have peripheral vision, you got open face, you can talk to other riders. When it's time to go you're ready to go. Flip it back down and it locks in place. You have the protection of a full face helmet again,” Handley said.


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