Aprilia’s 2015 RS-GP Moto GP bike

Aprilia’s 2015 RS-GP Moto GP bike

Aprilia finally revealed their bike for season 2015. The event occurs in Italy with Alvaro Bautista and Marco Melandri. This RS-GP bike means, that Aprilia is returning to the premier class. Testing was difficult, and there were mixed impressions of two riders. Bautista adapted much better to the new bike and according to him, this is one of the best bikes he was driving. On the other side, Marco Melandri had several problems with the new bike. He finished slower than all other riders at both tests.

According to Bautista, the new bike is well balanced and function very well. At the beginning of the season, their priority will be, developing own electronic software strategies and finding a way to get most of the Bridgestone tires. The Aprilia racing team, has a tough challenge to make sure that both riders are satisfied with their bikes, and that they can be ready for tough competition. The first race is a Qatar Grand Prix, which will occur in three weeks. Aprilia has a final test before season start in Qatar starting on March 14.

This bike is an evolution of the Aprilia ART project. The biggest modifications are: an 81mm bore, now with pneumatic valves and improved electronics. The biggest challenge for this team was developing the chassis. It is the most important part of the bike!

According to the riders, bike’s handling is very well, which mean that the new chassis is good and effective. At this moment, we can only wait and see how the new bike will ‘’behave’’ on a track. For the 2016 season, Aprilia will have a completely new bike.


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