The Forcefield Blade Back Protector

The Forcefield Blade Back Protector

It has become quite popular these days for manufactures of race suits, riding gears, and sports jackets to include a back-pad in their designs. The back-pads are, more often than not, a single layer of foam which should act as protection for the spine in case of impact. The backbone deserves stronger and better protection than the arms and legs. This is the reason why a separate CE certification was created for back protectors.

Forcefield is on the frontlines of making safety more affordable for everyone since the launching of the Blade Back Protector. The Blade Back Protector optimally protects your back and spine while offering top quality comfort.

The Forcefield Blade Back Protector has an intricate design that makes it simple yet highly efficient. It offers maximum impact protection while being as thin as possible, very light to wear, and super flexible.

Blade Back Protector is made from the high-tech shock absorbent NitrexEvo, a product of Forcefield Armour. The four-layered design of the back protector makes it to comfortably 3D mould onto the wearer's back. This allows for free and flexible movement while ensuring reduced hindrances caused by binds and stitches.

The Forcefield Blade Back Protector utilizes the performance technology called Repeat (RPT). This technology guarantees that even after several impacts, the rider remains comfortable and protected. The back protector has a Velcro waist strap that can be adjusted, straps that go over the shoulder to provide comfort and ensure the perfect fit, and a series of vents on the underside to make it breathable.

The Blade back protector is in line with the highest current standards required. Blade provides a CE level 2 protection, which is the most efficient by market standards today. The Forcefield Blade Back Protector is available in sizes ranging from XS to L.


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