The difference between AMA Motocross and AMA Supercross

The difference between AMA Motocross and AMA Supercross

Before mentioning the differences between these two motorcycle events, it is necessary to point out the main similarities between them. First, they are both sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and they are both motorcycling. 

We will continue by pointing that the Supercross is a derivative of the Motocross, more like a shootout.   For starters, the AMA Motocross takes place in a flat terrain, whereas the Supercross happens in man-made rough terrain that includes steep jumps and obstacles. 

How it All Began 

The AMA Motocross was founded in 1972. Today it is the major outdoor motocross event in the United States. Before the 1970s, motorcycles on rough terrain took place in the country for obvious reasons. Then in the 1970s, promoters of bike racing such as Bill France began to move these competitions from the country to stadiums in cities.  

Promoters were seeking to emulate the motorcross tracks. So, in 1972, Mike Goodwin and President of AMA Terry Tiernan, constructed one of those tracks in the Los Angeles Coliseum. This race was known as the Super Bowl of Motocross. Eventually, as the show started to develop as a stand-alone, it was known as SuperCross, which was short for Super Bowl of Motocross. 

Some Other Differences

Other important difference between these two championships is that the SuperCross championship is run by the AMA from the first weekend of January to the first weekend in May. MotoCross is held from mid-May to the end of August. SuperCross is a 17-round race and the MotoCross is a 12-round competition. 

In MotoCross, there are two 30-minute plus 2 laps per each round. The winner is the rider with the highest combined points in total for the two races. In SuperCross there is only one race per round that accounts for points.   

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