Hayden Gillim crashes

Hayden Gillim crashes

Hayden Gillim, the Suzuki GSX-R1000 rider, member of the Rickdiculous team suffered a nasty crash last year. It all happened like Gillim would probably say himself, pretty fast. It was a bike race after all.  "Man in a Van with a Plan" Hayden Gillim was at the 12th of 18 laps when he tried to pass fellow racer, Jake Lewis. But then, he was going way too fast and found the track falling short. 

The crash, one of the worst of last year's season, happened in August 2017 at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex for the MotoAmerica Superstock 1000.  Gillim ran off the track and stumbled several times on the grass.  People were watching in shock as his body was lying on the grass while his bike was way past the wall as it had flipped over it. 

Eventually, Gillim was able to get up on his feet and walk to an ambulance that was waiting for him.  He was taken to Heritage Valley Beaver Hospital to receive proper treatment.  Two weeks later, he was back at the New Jersey Motorsports Park where he earned two top-five finishes. 

The race was immediately red-flagged after the horrible accident but resumed for the remaining six laps when Gillim headed to the hospital.  

Everybody was astonished at the magnitude of the crash but they were even more so when they saw Gillim walking away from it. At the hospital, a CT scan and checkup revealed some bruises all over his body but no concussion.  

The helmet was probably the Kentucky native's main reason to survive the crash. This helmet is lined with Flex, which protected Gillim's head during the impact. The company that produces the helmets dissected the one that the racer was wearing at the moment of the crash.  

It was concluded that the Flex effectively did its job at reducing the rotational-force energy that could have caused a serious injury to Hayden Gillim, but allowed him to be ready for another racing day.  

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