What Are The Categories That Car Racing Involves?

What Are The Categories That Car Racing Involves?

Car racing has become popular and famous worldwide. People from various parts of the world come to join events that involves car racing. These sports have great fan followers. The young generations get motivated. The daring attitude and the challenging act stimulate the nerves of the audiences and they put their hands together in support for the players on the rally. The sound produced during the high-speed race increases the heart beats not out of nervousness but definitely out of excitement. The most popular categories that are involved in this sport are Formula Racing, Touring Car Racing and Sports Car Racing. Top 3 categories of motor racing Formula Racing – in USA the cars that are used in the National Championships are Indycar series. The most famous car that is designed for formula racing is the GP2. The other formula cars that are used in the formula racing in USA are Formula Three, Formula Palmer Audi and Formula Atlantic. In the year 2009 USA won the formula two championship. Touring car Racing – this is the racing that takes place on road. Touring car racing championship is dominant in North America. Till now the longest running road racing series took place in USA. This event was known arranged by the National Auto Sport Association. This event was an exceptional one and very famous worldwide. Sports Car Racing – these races involves long distance races. These racing cars are driven by teams or by two or more drivers. in USA this race too is popular like the other top two categories. The race is done through the sports car. One race involves several racing classes.




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