Kevin Harvick at the NASCAR Xfinity February Race in Atlanta

Kevin Harvick at the NASCAR Xfinity February Race in Atlanta

Joey Logano's final 4-second margin behind eventual-winner Kevin Harvick made for a close race, but it belied the truth: that Harvick was already in the lead for most of the race.

Of the 163 laps, Harvick led 141 of them en route to his fifth NASCAR Xfinity series victory at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Logano, who finished second, and Christopher Bell were the only ones in the race to secure a lap lead. The others were not even close.

The latest win was just one of the many instances Harvick asserted his dominance over the rest of the competition. In fact, in last season's Monster Energy Cup race, Harvick set a race-high by leading 292 laps out of the possible 325. However, with less than 20 to go, Austin Dillon's car had a power failure. This prompted Harvick to receive a pit road penalty. This setback essentially cost him the race; now at the tail end of the longest line, he failed to close out the race and win, advancing "only" to the ninth position.

Harvick, whose NASCAR career started in 1995, is one of only five drivers to have ever won championships in both the Sprint Cup Series and the Xfinity series. He is also one of only twenty-nine drivers to win in all three of NASCAR's national series. He currently has over 100 race wins across all three of the national divisions.


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