How Different is the NIKEN LMW Ackermann Steering System?

How Different is the NIKEN LMW Ackermann Steering System?

Yamaha is set to release the NIKEN in US dealerships later this year. An 847 cc engine powers the three-wheeler. Aside from having three wheels, one of its innovative features is the LMW Ackermann steering system.


LMW stands for Leaning Multi Wheel. A new steering system allows the rider to carve corners with confidence. The new system offers many benefits to riders. Each component of the new steering system contributes towards the cornering performance of the NIKEN. It has a parallelogram link design that features dual tube inverted forks and offset joints.


Benefits of the LMW Ackermann Steering System


The LMW system allows the rider of the NIKEN to take deep lean angles without worrying about tipping over. It also provides high agility and a natural riding feeling. The NIKEN is definitely different from the other three-wheeled motorcycles on the market today.


The front end of the NIKEN is passive and doesn’t have any electrics or hydraulics to control how it moves. It has no switch to lock the front part of the motor in an upright position. The two front wheels remain in line and have the same distance apart while cornering, which improves steering feel and stability. A tie rod keeps the two forks parallel with each other when cornering.


The NIKEN has a dual fork suspension system. The front fork tube doesn’t have dampers or springs. Its purpose is to keep the wheel pointing towards the front. The rear fork tube has the suspension components to keep the ride smooth.


The front wheels of the NIKEN have a lot of traction because of the dual-fork suspension system. The 15-inch rims also make the contact patch of each tire smaller, which provides more end grip as well. The dual tube forks also allow deep lean.   

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