Tony Stewart’s misfortunes continue in 2015

Tony Stewart’s misfortunes continue in 2015

The latest NASCAR race, which took place in Phoenix, left Tony Steward on the 39th place. Despite of that, his teammates Kurt Busch and Kevin Harvick grabbed all the attention, being on the spotlight while their performances were described as remarkable.

While having his best run of the season, his bad luck stroked again when he bounced off of the Turn 4 lap, hitting Justin Allgaier and ending up in the spin cycle. A second incident made it impossible for him to come back, forcing him to accept another defeat. Even though, his health condition, since he broke his right tibia and fibula in August 2013, or any sort of technical issues with his car could be an excuse for his disappointing performance, He refused to comment the last accident

In spite of the latest incident, team co-owner Gene Haas declared that Steward “will be back” right before he tried to explain the driver’s bad performance on the latest event “He didn't get to this level by chance. Tremendous amount of skills. I think it just takes a little bit of time”. While the tour – Auto Club Speedway and Martinsville Speedway continues, Steward has five wins to help turn the things around.

Will he come back? It’s to be seen, let’s just hope that his bad luck will soon be replaced by a better performance that will make his fans proud.

Posted by Edna Bailey 4/20/15

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