The Jeep Brand

The Jeep Brand

Jeep is one of the best known automobile brands of America. The brand is owned by one of the most reputed automobile manufacturers, Chrysler. The Jeep brand was formerly owned by American Motors. However, in 1987, Chrysler acquired this brand along with all the assets associated with it. At this time, this brand only manufactures the SUVs and the off-road vehicles.


Bantam BRC was the preliminary version of this brand. Most of its vehicles are derived from this design. The production of the Jeep brand started in the year 1941. At that time the idea was to produce vehicles that could be effectively used for military purposes during World War II. They pioneered the concept of four-wheel drive, which later went on to be known as SUVs. During the War, the Jeep vehicles were extensively used by the US Army as well as the Allies. Even after the end of the War, Allied armies continued the use of the vehicle.


The very first model for the general public was manufactured in the year 1945. It became instantly popular and encouraged other automobile manufacturers to design the light utility vehicles. It is a known fact that the design of Land Rover was inspired by the Jeep brand. Many variants of this vehicle have been produced across the globe for military as well as civilian purposes.


Jeep focuses a great deal on the use of the vehicle for the off-road purposes. These vehicles are popular for being robust, highly durable, and ease of drive. The state-of-art jeep models are largely used for the off-road adventures.

Posted by Andrea Moore 6/5/15

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