Ferrari President Threatens to Quit F1

Ferrari President Threatens to Quit F1

Liberty Media is the new owner of the most popular races in the world, Formula 1. With the change in management, there have been various changes, and this has seen some of the biggest teams in the race threatening to quit. Ferrari’s president, Sergio Marchionne has threatened to pull out of the race and entice other teams to join Ferrari in an alternate racing event.

Engine Changes in the F1

Liberty Media has brought with it a series of rules that will take effect in 2021, and teams like Ferrari have threatened to leave the F1 circuit after the 2020 circuit. Here are the changes the new managers of the race expect the teams to comply with come 2021.

  • The power unit to be restricted to 1.6-liter V6 Turbo Hybrid
  • 3000 rpm higher engine running speed to improve the sound
  • Remove MGU-H
  • Prescriptive internal engine design to lower the engine development costs as well as discourage extreme running conditions and designs
  • Single Turbo with weight limits and dimensional constraints
  • A more powerful MGU-K focusing on manual driver deployment during the race with an energy saving option over several laps
  • Standard control electronics and energy store
  • Tighter fuel regulations and a set limit on the number of fuels used
  • Transmission/engine/chassis swap capability with Plug-And-Play using a high level of external prescriptive design

These engine rules are set to be formalized in 2018. However, Liberty, in plans to level the playing field, is also planning to instigate a budget cap. Mercedes and Renault have also expressed concerns with the new rules and might abandon the F1. Marchionne likened the new rules as a way to equate the sport to America’s NASCAR, which employs several artificial means to keep the racing close while using standard cars.


Ferrari has been synonymous with F1 since the Monaco Grand Prix in 1950. Marchionne is of the opinion that the best thing is to ensure that Liberty improve on the spectacle, unpredictability, and the circuits.

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