Cinema Based On Car Racing

Cinema Based On Car Racing

This car racing game has become so much popular that the American film production house has made films on it. These films are mostly of 3D category and they have become very much famous in the theatres. Some racing films have been produced and directed on the lives of the car racing players. Numerous car racing cinemas were produced in America. The few most famous are CARS, DEATH RACE, LE MANS, RUSH, DAYS OF THUNDER, and FAST & FURIOUS. The male and female protagonists of these films became very much popular through these films.
Games based on car racing
Not only in cinema this game was influenced but also in games it gained a position. Game named Need for Speed became very much popular among the kids. This game when played almost gives the feeling that the player is driving in the real world. The scenario that is associated with the game looks almost realistic. The fountain water when falls on the body of the car, the driver shakes his own body too giving a realistic sensation. This game is so well made that the players become addicted in playing the game. The game has many parts. As the player keeps playing he goes on unlocking the parts. And this continuity helped the video game production to become the best video game seller of the time.
This car racing ultimately results in commercialization
Car racing became so much popular in USA that huge amounts of dollar are invested in making films and video games for the entertainment of the audiences. Thus commercialization is taking place. The video game companies and the film production houses are making money out of it.



Posted by Jenna Brown 6/9/15

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