Vehicles on alternative fuels

Vehicles on alternative fuels

Cars are destroying our planet. Yes, they’re useful, fast, comfortable and they look nice, but gasses they make, cause a lot of problems. Still, many people don’t care about this. Those people believe that petrol and diesel-powered cars are the only choice and the best choice. Actually, there are many ways to make less pollution or not make it at all with your car. Still, the best choice are electric cars. They don’t make any pollution at all. But if you don’t like them, there are vehicles that run on alternative fuels. Those cars can use: methanol, ethanol, liquid petroleum gas and compressed natural gas.

Cars that use alternative fuels are known as Alternative Fueled Vehicles (AFV). All of them operate on just one type of alternative fuel. But there are some cars who are modified, by a manufacturer or by a professional, so they use two types of fuel. The best and the most known example are cars with petrol engine that can run on compressed natural gas. A driver can choose which type of fuel he wants to use. You should know that on compressed natural gas, a car’s fuel (gas) consumption is increased and it has reduced BHP.

All AFV must have a visible label. It contains the information about vehicle radius (determined by a manufacturer) and impact on the environment. If you are planning to buy an AFV, you will have to consider about: fuel type (what type of fuel your car will use), cost (car and maintenance), performances, energy security and fuel availability (some fuels are hard to find). Once again, the best choice is an electric car. 



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