Toyota Yaris 1.33 Dual VVT-i Sol

Toyota Yaris 1.33 Dual VVT-i Sol

Now that we are writing about this model, we must admit that they made a big change when it comes to design and quality of materials they've used for the cabin.

When it comes to mechanical design, it is really subtle, and overall this model looks pretty fresh, attractive, and a huge competitor on the market.

For several years, Yaris was on the top, but since everything changes, they needed to make some refreshments.

Maybe the most noticeable change is the frontal one, this model got an X. When it comes to interior design of this model, it hasn't changed too much, but maybe the more important fact is that they definitely enhanced the quality of it.

Before, there were some complaints how passengers couldn't stretch their legs long enough, without feeling uncomfortable, so Toyota decided to change that, and now even the tallest ones, with the longest legs, can sit, stretch and enjoy the ride.

There is one flaw though, they didn't expand the space for the head, for taller people. So if you are above 190 cm, you will constantly hit your head, or if you don't wanna do that, you will simply have to curl up.

Managing this car is really easy thanks to the soft foot controls that provide a lot of feedback.

The selector lever has a very short and precise strokes, but the thing we didn't like is that it is quite soft. The driver can not know whether he hit gear until it hits the stop.

Also, one of the good sides of this car is that you can easily drive it, with almost no problems, and since it has amazing performances, you will be able to simply enjoy the ride.



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