Should you buy an electric car?

Should you buy an electric car?

In order to live green, you must eliminate your big car from your life. Maybe it is fast and comfortable, but it makes a lot of pollution. This means that it isn’t good for the environment. But, because we cannot live without a car, you must find an alternative. Basically, you have two alternatives. You can buy an electric car or a hybrid car. A difference is that a hybrid car has a petrol engine and an electric motor. An electric car has only an electric motor.

People usually believe that electric cars are the best option, because they do not make a pollution. However, in many countries a Toyota Prius (a hybrid car) is more efficient than a Nissan Leaf (an electric car). Although, an electric car doesn’t make pollution, you must recharge the battery using the power grid. This means that you use electricity that has been produced by the coal. Because it has been produced by a coal, it makes a pollution. So, indirectly, you make a pollution. In this case, a hybrid car is a better alternative. But, in order to make a hybrid car, manufacturers need materials and items from the whole world. Their transport increases the pollution, so they are not 100% green.

However, you can make an electric car 100% green. All you need to do is to harvest energy from the sun or use the wind. According to many experts and people who live green, this is the best way to make your car eco-friendly completely. The installation of solar panels and wind turbines isn’t expensive, so you can afford it.


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