BMW 7 Series redefines the way one would imagine at luxury, comfy and magnificence with its marvelous state-of-the-art design. The royal automobile company is representing the worth of its honorary presence in the market with trendsetting 7 Series. Let it be the interior or the exterior, both have a smooth and sleek curvy texture that anybody can fell in love with it. 


The gorgeous sedan has the capability to astound the spectator at its very first glance. Its streamlined headlights and rear lamps with fog resistant lamps perfectly fit within its smooth front and rear edges. The five-seated sedan delivers its occupants a peaceful and luxurious ambiance with the seats woven with the finest leather. The spacious interiors with an iDrive option, capable of controlling audio, navigation and climate inside give a dynamically sparkling experience. It comes with slide/tilt space roof option. 

As a signature, BMW delivers the best in class engine and power transmission system. This 7 Series is equipped with a 4000cc 8-cyllinder engine, which comes with both petrol and diesel variant engine gives a maximum power of 439 hp. The diesel engine with 730Ld variant produces a power of 319 hp. The 12-cyllinder petrol engine provides unmatched power for smooth driving experience. It has a seamless six-speed transmission internally equipped, which ensures good performance during gear changing.

The Sedan is precisely engineered with astounding performance as well as safety assistance. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) is electronically fixed inside it which consistently monitors its mechanical operations, wheel rpm and chassis temperature. It also stabilizes the car with anti-skidding protection system. It is obviously deployed with primary protection equipment like airbags, active headrests. The suspension systems have been highly tested and under restrictions of Electronic Damper Controls (EDC), they are bound to provide their best.

Overall View
The seven series has several models in India include 740Li, 750Li, 760Li and 730 Ld. It is available with a wide range of colors including Monaco Blue, Black Sapphire, Titanium Grey, Titanium Silver, Black Sapphire, Alpine White and Sterling. The brand name signifies its appealing look with a hefty price varying from 1.07 crore rupees to 1.2 crore rupees. 

The Ex-Showroom prices of BMW 7 Series in India are provided in the table bellow:

                   Version                     Ex-Showroom Price
BMW 7 Series 730Ld
2993cc Diesel, Automatic, 11.1 km per liter:     1.07 crores

BMW 7 Series 730 Ld Signature
2993cc Diesel, Automatic, 11.1 km per liter:     1.25 crores

BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid
2979cc Petrol, Automatic, 13.85 km per liter:     1.41 crores

BMW 7 Series 750Li
4395cc Petrol, Automatic, 5.8 km per liter:     1.46 crores



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