Car racing is one of the most loved events in the world. Formula one is the best among the car racing events. Drivers train for years to go zoom on the track. The fans buy tickets months before and some even go to the extent of selling their body part or themselves just to fund their tickets. When the event begins, people literally go crazy. Some cheer, some cry and some vent out their frustrations through a volley of abuses. The atmosphere is electrifying in the stalls surrounding the track. It is an amazing experience when one attends the event, one just goes with the flow and sore throats will be result after shouting at the top of the voice for hours.
Motordrome Speedway, one of the popular and reputed NASCAR sanctioned race track situated in South Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, to the northeast direction of Smithton, in the district of Pennsylvania, United States of America. It boasts of variety of cars which race on its tracks. In the weekly series, it includes super late models, modified versions, street stocks, chargers and super compacts. The track hosts the events on Friday nights every week. It boasts of three NASCAR champions in the north east region.
1.    Charlie Cragan (1992, 1993, 1994)
2.     Jeff Dunmyer (1997)
3.    Richard Mitchell (1999, 2000)
Not only NASCAR champions, it also boasts of late model points champion like Charlie Cragan ruled the track from 1992-1994, Jeff Dunmyer from 1996-1998, Rick Miller from 2003-2005.



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