Living with an electric car

Living with an electric car

Electric cars are the environment savers. They don’t make pollution, their production is more eco-friendly and their maintenance is cheaper and less demanding. But, many of you never had or even drove an electric car, so buying one before you know everything about it, isn’t a good idea. Luckily, electric cars are easier for understanding than petrol powered cars. They have a lot of moving parts and their engines and transmissions are very complicated. For example, in order to repair a transmission, you will need 4 years of school. On the other side, electric motors have only one moving part.

The biggest and the only drawback of any electric car is its battery. You will have to recharge it every day. On some models in order to fully recharge a battery, you will need up to 20 hours. This is a lot of time for busy people. But, you can recharge it at home, during the night. You will have 10 hours of free time, so you can recharge it 50%. When you go to work, you can recharge it there, so the battery will be always 100% full. Almost all electric cars will show you the nearest charging stations, so while you are shopping, you can recharge the battery as well. 

Driving an electric car isn’t as hard as you may believe, but it requires certain changes in your lifestyle. But, you won’t spend money on fuel and you are doing the right thing for the environment. With electric cars we can save our planet, without them, we cannot. If just 50% of all drivers drive an electric car, the benefits for the planet will be huge.



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