Hybrid cars are more popular among older drivers

Hybrid cars are more popular among older drivers

According to the research, older drivers like hybrid cars. They can save money for gas and they have that feel that they are doing something good for the environment. The research included 314 people older than 60 years, who bought a hybrid car. According to the participants, the image is key, but also price and quality. An interesting fact is that older drivers, pay attention to how other drivers will see them. Also, they have a better self-image when they drive a hybrid car. 

Researchers found that older people pay more attention to the environment than younger people. According to a survey, 87% of older people in the US, want to invest in green technology. On the other side, 54% of them want to buy a hybrid car. 

Because many people want to do something good for our planet, sales of hybrid cars have risen in the last few years. For example, from 2010 to 2012 it rose 73% to 440.000 units. This information comes from Mintel, a market research firm. Thanks to these results, car manufacturer can increase the production and make hybrid cars more efficient. People want to pay $5.000 more for a car that is green. The hybrid car demand will be increased in the future. They are more efficient, but safer as well.

The biggest concern of many hybrid cars driers is the maintenance. It is more complicated and more expensive than on a conventional car. But, hybrid car saves money every day, because it uses less fuel, so eventually, it repay itself. If you want to make it even more efficient, convert its petrol engine to run on natural gas. 



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