The Veyron 16.4 EB is an engineering marvel enriched with Bugatti's swift racing DNA and a state-of-the-art architectural design. The 16.4 refers to the 16 cylinder 4turbo engine, for the first time in the industry and EB stands for the founder of the company, Ettore Bugatti. This is the first ever car in the history of automobile engineering to achieve a top speed of 253 mph.


The Veyron is designed in an insect-like posture to provide the best in class aerodynamic balance and a steady grip. The squeezed and trimmed look represents it as a lofty formula one racer along with a huge downward force. The massive titanium radiator at the front along with a curvy bonnet balanced by luminous fog-free headlights is the signature of Bugatti’s flagship Super car. It has its engines exposed at the rear bonnet making giving it a moulded view.

The interior is blueprinted in a way to give the occupants a royal luxury effect. The designers adopted a traditional yet magnificent architecture by making it hand-built in France with a combination of wooden handicrafts and stone furnishing. The perfectly matching leather seats are self-customizable. The designing is made in a way to give convenience to the passengers even in an off road long way travel. The controlling console is loaded with all the advanced features and perfectly user-friendly. 


The phenomenal engine is made by joining parts of a V8 block in a W structure. It features a 16 cylinder 4 turbo 6liter engine capable of delivering 1148 horsepower output and 253 mph of unbelievable speed. It can smoothly achieve a fabulous 100 mph speed within just 5.5 seconds. In its grand sports version chassis temperature is taken care electronically with 12 pre-installed radiators. The car is unbeatable and has no competition in the history of automobile engineering till now.


The Veyron’s astounding performance and incredible looks amazes the viewers’ heart with an accomplished dream of making a Super car. As per the specifications, it keeps its record as one of the most expensive car in the world starting at a price of nearly 1.9 million USD.



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