BMW i3: The Best Green Car of 2015

BMW i3: The Best Green Car of 2015

BMW i3 is the best green car in the world. At least many experts and commissions say this. They are probably right. It is a small 5-door car. It is completely electric, which means it isn’t a hybrid. It looks interesting and it doesn’t cause any pollution at all. This is its main and the most important purpose. Because of its design and capabilities, BMW i3 is one of the most popular electric cars in the world.
The official range is between 130 and 160 kilometers. This depends on the speed, terrain, number of passengers and the weather conditions. In the most efficient driving mode, the radius can be extended up to 200 kilometers. However, according to the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) the radius is 130 kilometers. BMW will also offer you a Rex option. It is a small 2 cylinder petrol engine and a small tank. It is used purely as a generator to recharge the battery. This can increase the radius up to 290 kilometers.
The power of the electric motor is 168 bhp (125kW). It is more than enough for this small car. It has a single speed transmission. Simply said, you cannot change gears. The dimensions are: 3,999 mm (L), 1,775 mm (W) and 1,578 mm (H). The weight of this car is 1,195 kg. But, when a petrol engine (generator) is added, the weight is increased to 1.315 kg.
The battery on BMW i3 can be recharged using a conventional socket. You will need 3 hours to recharge the battery to 80% (from 0%). You can also use public DC charging stations. In this case you will need 30 minutes to recharge the battery up to 80%.


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