Audi Launches Its First Plug-In Hybrid Model At Shanghai Auto Show

Audi Launches Its First Plug-In Hybrid Model At Shanghai Auto Show

The Shanghai Auto Show continues to serve us with some great cars and the latest car manufacturer to wow the crowd with their machine is Audi which launched its news A6 L e-tron shine Plug-In Hybrid model for the first time during the event.

What made the car stand out from the rest was the cars turbine-style alloy wheels which come with super thin blades which adds a classy and unique look to the whole car. In addition to that the A6 L e-tron shrine is extremely special due to two reasons. One, this is the first Audi car to ever be made in China. Two, the car is able to run on pure electricity for at least 50km, that’s about 31 miles, offering an 880 km total range.

Audi’s e-tron plug-in hybrid drive, which has been based on the long version of the A6 which is common in the Chinese-Market pairs a turbocharged 2.0 liter four-cylinder petrol with 211 PS and 350Nm to an electric motor which produces 91 kw and 220Nm which is integrated to an Tiptronic 8sp automatically. 

Beneath the luggage is a lithium-ion battery that as expected eats p some space and thus reducing the capacity of luggage to 340 liters. The lithium-ion battery can be charged using a high-power industrial outlet for around 2 hours. But in an event that you charge it from home it will end up taking more than 8 hours.

In-terms of consumption, Audi states that, “according to the measurement method prescribed in China for plug-in hybrid vehicles, it consumes just 2.2l/100 km or 106.9 US mpg, corresponding to 52 grams CO2 per kilometer (83.7 g/miles)”. 



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